GAC-backed Greater Bay unveils Phoenix battery

2023-12-26 10:29:37

 The Phoenix battery will be in mass production next year and is expected to be used in production vehicles by the end of next year, Greater Bay said.Many Chinese companies have announced breakthroughs in battery technology this year, with GAC Group-backed Greater Bay Technology as the latest.

The Phoenix battery integrates Greater Bay's latest innovations in materials, electrochemistry, structure, and controls to give electric vehicles the ability to run as usual in all-weather conditions, it said.


Phoenix battery-equipped electric vehicles can be charged at up to 8C at different voltage platforms from 300 volts to 1000 volts.At the same time, Phoenix batteries offer leading-edge advantages in safety, cycle life, range and cost to compete with fuel-powered vehicles, Greater Bay said, according to a WeChat article it posted today.Greater Bay said its technology gives the battery 18 times more heat exchange area compared to conventional solutions, and allows the pack temperature to rise from -20°C to +25°C in five minutes even in winter.